Our University is the third in Turkey in the "3x3 Basketball Turkey Championship" hosted by Çanakkale.
4 July 2022 | 11:36

The "3x3 Basketball Turkey Championship" organized by the Turkish University Sports Federation between 29 June and 3 July 2022, hosted by Çanakkale, has ended. At the end of the tournament, our university's men's basketball team came in third in Turkey and won a cup. Our students receive their trophies and medals from our faculty member Dr. They were happy to receive it from our teacher Seyfi Savaş. We congratulate the team captain İsmail Yiğit Yüceer, Zahid İsaoğlu, Ekrem Kaan Erkul, Alperen Çakın, Enes Çal and Gazi Duran, who came third in Turkey, and wish them continued success. We would like to thank our teachers, Research Assistant Çağdaş Özgür Cengizel and Research Assistant Ülfet Yavuz, who worked hard for our students throughout the championship.

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